The Adventure Run


April 20, 2013 by Jay Helms

On May 11 at 4:30, we will be hosting an Adventure Run for families and friends.

The Adventure Run is designed to accommodate a variety of ages, athletic talents, and skill levels.
Our hope is to create moments that challenge and bring together families in a way that actually creates stronger relationships and terrific long=term memories.

1) The Run will begin at 4:30 in the Parking Lot of the Breckenridge Clubhouse.
2) Participants and teams follow a 2.5 mile loop with 7 stations along the way.
3) The teams must complete a task at each station to earn a ticket and continue on the Adventure Run.
4) Teams will have 90 minutes to loop the course as many times as they can, complete tasks (even more than once), and collect as many tickets as possible.
5) One team member must run/jog from station to station along the course between the 7 stations.
6) The team may switch runners between stations as desired.
7) While one team member must run/jog between the stations on the course, all other team members or family members are free to travel between stations by any means they choose. Riding bicycles is likely to be an excellent option.
8) At the end of the run, we will gather for a cook out and we will collect team tickets for a drawing for the winner’s prizes.

Here is a map:


The Seven Stations on the Adventure Run
Station 1 – A Combination of Name That Tune, a Short Climb, and a Frisbee Toss
Station 2 – “Avoid the Lava” Obstacle Course involving Ropes and a “None Shall Pass” Finish

Station 3 – Tire Obstacles
Station 4 – Team Communication Task involving Filling Buckets
Station 5 – Catapult Surprise
Station 6 – One-Sided Jousting Challenge (Against a Non-Living Opponent)
See the Jousting Lances Below:

Station 7 – To Be Determined

Cost: $15 (Simply to offset expenses and to help purchase prizes)
To Register: Contact Jay Helms at


One thought on “The Adventure Run

  1. Grady Helms says:

    Looks like fun. How can we help?


    From Tom’s iPad

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