Summer Sandwiches, Part 2


June 11, 2013 by Jay Helms

Last summer I wrote about three favorite summer sandwiches we love. After eating an amazing summer sandwich at Chive Blossom Cafe in Pawley’s Island, SC in late May, it seemed fitting to share a few more summer sandwich ideas. Here are four new summer sandwich suggestions:

1) Fried Green Tomato, Pimento Cheese, Avocado, and Bacon
This one will take some effort to make, but it is spectacular.


2) Peanut Butter Variations
First, try PB with strawberries and bacon. The strawberries are like jelly and the bacon is a good salty contrast.
Another to consider sounds strange: PB and Tomato. Rumor has it these were common during the Great Depression.

Lastly, is the Elvis special: PB and Banana with Bacon. Elvis liked them grilled.

3) The European Market Picnic Special

A baguette, some semi-soft cheese, some sweet European salami, plus raspberry (or strawberry) jelly/jam/preserves.
We stumbled on the jelly addition to this sandwich once at a market, and have loved it ever since.

For a ridiculous sandwich try that same jelly on a standard southern BBQ sandwich.

4) The Sandwich Your Mother Warned You About!
The dessert sandwich with Nutella, Speculoos, and Marshmallow Fluff.

Forget the peanut butter, go straight for the Speculoos (also known as Cookie Butter). Biscoff makes their own version of this spreadable goodness, too. Check Trader Joe’s, The Fresh Market, or Aldi for it.
You’ll look like this guy when you try this one:


2 thoughts on “Summer Sandwiches, Part 2

  1. Tom Helms says:

    Interesting sandwiches????? Where is the Wendy’s $1.19 small hamburger??

    *Thought for today:

    Concerning **Aging ….. I love to hear people say “you don’t look that old..” * * Some people get older and wiser …. others just get older!* **

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