Best Non-Obvious Christmas Music Playlist for 2013


December 5, 2013 by Jay Helms

Last year I put together this list of non-obvious Christmas music.

Here are some more tunes to add to the playlist for 2013:

What a Glorious Night by Sidewalk Prophets
I think this is the single best Christmas song of the last 100 years. That’s just me. You shouldn’t feel any obligation to agree. This one best presents both the stillness and the huge celebration that occurred in Bethlehem those many years ago, within the same song.
Dave, of Sidewalk Prophets, explains a little about the song on YouTube.
It has three parts…
Beginning – Linus reads the story of Jesus’ birth written by Luke, a physician from Jesus’ day. How cool is it that God announces His greatest gift ever to the world, to some shepherds and not to those who hoard power. Incredible. That’s why I love God and believe in Jesus.
Middle (1:09) – Bell Ringing fun rock tune celebrating the shepherds and angels delight on the night of Jesus’ birth.
End (3:10) – An hearty group sing of “Glorious! Glorious! What a Glorious Night! I hear the angels singing ‘Hallelujah! Let the earth receive her King.’ I know that Love has come. Sing it out. Jesus Christ is born!”, continuing on to a soft ending.

Merry Christmas to You is our other favorite song from this album. It takes 25 seconds for the song to get going.


It’s Christmas by Mandisa is a fine addition to any Christmas playlist. It is fun like a pop song, along with a lot of heart. This will be one that family members of all ages will enjoy. Plus, this lady can sing!


Who knew that Bootsy Collins has a Christmas album! Bootsy was an original member of the 70’s band Parliament. Don’t over look this one though…it’s classic Bootsy Funk. These are just fun. Fun. We love “N-Yo City” and “Silent Night”.
Bootsy helps out with my favorite, highly underrated hip hop group, Gospel Ganstaz. He produced much of the album they just released on November 2. He was heavily involved in creating “Gangstas Don’t Dance (They Boogie)”.


Christmas in New Orleans by Joan Osborne


Joy to the World by Dominic Balli
Reggae/Island Music feel.


O Come, O Come Emmanuel by Molly Jenson
“Make safe the way that leads On High. And close the path that leads to misery.”
Wow. A hip and savvy reimagining of this song, complete with whistling and background choral accompaniment reminiscent of The Mowgli’s.


Gloria and Christmas is for Jesus by PawnShop Kings
“The lost were found when Love came down. May our hearts be glad. Gloria!”
Acoustic Rock. More of a church-type song. Yet, does a great job of capturing the fact that Jesus came that we might know God and receive His blessings and then join in being a blessing to the community and world around us. This is a more full portrayal of the heart of Christmas (which is so much more than being nice to others for a few weeks).



One thought on “Best Non-Obvious Christmas Music Playlist for 2013

  1. Tom Helms says:

    Good list for the season!

    * Some people get older and wiser …. others just get older!*

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