February 12, 2014 by Jay Helms

One of the times in my life I have felt closest to God was in the little town of Wilmore, Kentucky when I walked a mile in the snow home to be with my wife. There was a remarkable stillness in the air. Somehow in the midst of that stillness I could actually feel the love of my Heavenly Father pressing in on me. I felt He was close, He was with me. It was personal, somehow, this fullness of His presence in the stillness that night. The Celts describe this as a “Thin Place,” when/where the divider between Heaven and Earth is so “thin” we sense that we are straddling the two worlds. Everything felt good in my life on that walk. I had always loved snow, but this took it to a much deeper place for me. I will always remember that God came and met me that night in the snow. When it snows like it is right now in the southeast, I often experience that Thin Place again. 

In honor of that, here are some of my favorite snow pictures.

Snow in Holland

Country Snow

City Snow


Bergen, Norway


Park Snow


Eiffel Tower



Country Road


Cozy English Home


Brooklyn Bridge






European Village




Big Ben


Perfect for a Snowy Walk














One thought on “Snow

  1. Rob says:

    Great pictures and memory. Like the Chalet and European Village.

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