Mini Bucket List Adventure


September 7, 2016 by Jay Helms

Mini Bucket List Adventure – Fall 2016

To work together to fund the cost of building a well in a village in Ethiopia, we are inviting friends to take time to do some fun, meaningful, and adventurous family activities in a friendly competition this fall. The entry fee for each family will go towards the new Well. The Well will be built by Water is Life International in Ethiopia. The Bucket List Items listed below each carry a point value. Teams will have from October 9 to November 20 to accomplish as many Bucket List Tasks as they can in order to attempt to earn the most points and win the Grand Prize (see below). Teams do not attempt to complete every task on the list. They try to earn as many points as possible in hopes of creating great memories and winning the Grand Prize. 
Follow along on the “4 the Well of It” Facebook page. Look for posts on social media using the hashtag #4thewellofit.


  • The Contest Begins for you when you sign in on the Facebook Page or Post a Picture somewhere on social media with “Team _______ is in!”. 
  • Alternatively, you can just email us and send a picture and say you’ve started, see email addresses below.
  • The contest ends at 5:00pm on Sunday, November 20.
  • You can live anywhere in the world and participate in the challenge.
  • You can pay your team entry fee (see below) at any point in time over the 6-week length of the Adventure.
  • Email us with your team T-Shirt sizes by October 15. ( or We will provide the T-Shirts for you, free of charge.
  • A Different Team Member Has to Select Each Subsequent Task 
  • Use the hashtag #4thewellofit if you post something on social media
  • Post Your Score Weekly on the Facebook Page.
  • You can get points One Time, for a listed Task.
  • A Majority of Your Team Must Be present and involved in a task for the task to count for points.

The Winning Team’s Prize


Entry Fees
  • We are working to update the giving page on
  • Pick any one of three entry fee levels you prefer.
  • Three Entry Fee Levels – $50 or $250 or $500. You pick. Everyone is welcome to join in exactly the same game, regardless of entry fee paid. 

Bucket List Items 

  • 50 Point Items
  • Eat at a Food Truck
  • M&M or Skittle a Friend’s Car or Yard
  • Stage a Planking Photo – 50 pts
  • Stage a Vadering Photo – 50 pts
  • Stage a Levitation Photo – broom or reading a book or something else
  • Ride a Skateboard without Injuring Yourself  – 50 pts
  • Climb a Tree – 50 pts
  • Do a Chore you Really Don’t Like to Do – 50 pts
  • Tell a friend about the Adventure – 50 pts
  • Attend College Sporting Event (FB & Basketball Excluded) – 50 pts
  • Do Something to Help Someone Else – 50 pts
  • Do A Front Flip – 50 pts
  • Ride a ride at the State Fair – 50 pts
  • Particiate in a Fitness Challenge or New Fitness Class – 50 pts
  • Play in a pile of leaves – 50 pts
  • Pray with Someone who has a need – 50 pts
  • Go for a Walk in a New Place – 50 pts
  • Take a Picture with Palm Tree – 50 pts

  • 100 Point Items
  • Eat at an institution (Like Backyard BBQ Pit, Amedeo’s, Merritt’s, Sutton’s, Time Out) – 100 pts 
  • Boo-hoo a Friend – This is the amusingly sad version of “Booing”
  • Drive the Oreo Car Around for a Day – 100 pts
  • Oreo a Friend’s Car – 100 pts
  • Take Gnome Pictures in 15 Places – 100 pts
  • Film a Cinnamon Bun Challenge (Hands-Free Huge Cinnamon Eating Race) – 100 pts
  • Go to a new bakery and take a tasty treat to a friend – 100 pts 
  • Participate in a Race or Specific Athletic Challenge – 100 pts
  • Initiate or Participate in a Late Night or Early Morning Shaving Cream/Shampoo/Water Balloon Fight – 100 pts
  • Visit Someone in the Hospital – 100 pts
  • Make/Build Something – 100 pts
  • Accomplish an interesting, self-designed Swimming Challenge – 100 pts 
  • Accomplish an interesting, self-designed Tennis Challenge – 100 pts
  • Accomplish an interesting, self-designed Basketball Challenge – 100 pts 
  • Your youngest team member challenges the toughest guy in a location to an arm wrestling contest (Do not get injured.)
  • In the Morningtime, Go to 10 Houses to Trick or Treat (And when asked why say, “Because We’re Afraid of the Dark”) – 100 pts
  • Visit a College You Haven’t Been to Before – 100 pts 
  • Run a Lemonade stand for the Well – 100 pts
  • Get a friend to donate towards the Well in Ethiopia – 100 pts
  • Pray with Someone, for the Well in Ethiopia – 100 pts
  • Eat at a Less Commonly Visited Ethnic Restaurant (Polish, German, Russian, South American, African) – 100 pts
  • Travel to a New Place – 100 pts
  • Get a Picture with a College Athlete or Coach or Professor – 100 pts 
  • Try a Food You’ve Never Tried – 100 pts
  • Visit a Festival – 100 pts
  • Visit a Farmers Market You Have Never Been To – 100 pts
  • Go for a Bike Ride – 100 pts
  • Go to or Participate in Something You’re Not Normally Involved In (like a drone flying club or civil war reenactment) – 100 pts
  • Play a Musical Instrument and Post Video of It Online (100 pt-bonus if you’re terrrible and you go for it) – 100 pts 
  • Volunteer – 100 pts
  • Play A Practical Joke on Someone (someone who has a sense of humor) – 50 pts

  • 250 Point Items
  • Go see a relative or family member you’ve always been meaning to visit – 250 pts 
  • Film a Weird Foods Eating Challenge – 250 pts
  • Break an athletic Personal Record – 250 pts
  • Get a picture on a park bench or at a hangout with several retired men. (Learn their names and get a story.) – 250 pts
  • Go to or Host Dinner with a New Friend – 250 pts
  • Install a Rain Barrel – 250 pts
  • Do Something Significant Around your House You’ve Just Never Gotten To – 250 pts
  • Host a Bake sale for the Well – 250 pts
  • Take a Train Ride – 250 pts
  • Hike and Take a Selfie of the View – 250 pts
  • Attempt Something You’ve Never Tried – 250 pts
  • Interview a Politician – 250 pts  
  • Visit an Iconic Location, Such as The Appomattox Courthouse, The Eiffel Tower, The Peach in Gaffney, SC, or South of the Border – 250 pts
  • 500 Point Items
  • Film a Video of an Interview with an Interesting Person (Post it on YouTube if Possible) – 500 pts
  • Host a Yard Sale for The Well – 500 pts
  • FIlm a Carpool Karaoke and Post It Online if Possible – 500 pts
  • Teach Someone Something (Something You are an Expert at) – 500 pts
  • Go to a Church Service unlike any you have ever been to before – 500 pts
  • Host a Cooking Class with a Class Fee donated towards the Well – 500 pts

  • 1000 Point Item
  • Carry an Average of 2 gallons of water per person on your team, at Least 1 Mile – 1,000 pts

Bonus Points

  • Post Video Online using #4thewellofit – 50 pts
  • Post a Picture Online using #4thewellofit – 25 pts
  • Bringing a Friend Along on a Task – 50 pts
  • Wear the #4thewellofit Shirt While Doing Your Task – 25 pts
  • Go Out of Town for the Task – 100 pts
  • Go Out of State for the Task – 500 pts
  • You Get 25 or more likes on a post with the #4thewellofit hashtag – 25 pts
  • You get a harmless injury that proves you were all-in on the task – 25 pts 

Recommended Phone Apps for Taking Interesting Videos:

  • Hyperlapse – Great for Moving Time Lapse Videos
  • Boomerang – Forwards-Backwards Video Loops
  • Time Lapse Function on the most Smartphone Cameras
  • Slow Motion Function on the most Smartphone Cameras
  • Pic Collage – Multiple Pictures in One Picture Collage
  • Video Collage – Multiple Videos in Separate Videos, Like a Picture Collage


One thought on “Mini Bucket List Adventure

  1. N Smith says:

    looks like a lot of fun.  I forgot about oreoing someone’s car…  I wonder if people in BG would come along and eat some?

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