Best Places to Go for a Family Bike Ride


September 8, 2016 by Jay Helms

Great Places to Go on a Family Bike Ride

Here are the Top 7 places we have enjoyed a bike ride as a family. 


7. Washington, DC – Ride from the Lincoln Memorial along the river past the Kennedy Center into the Georgetown area and on to Georgetown University.   


6. The National Mall in Washington, DC after 10pm – The National Mall area is very well lit. And there are quite a lot of people out and about at night on the Mall, so it’s pretty safe.



5. Hilton Head, Sea Pines Plantation Area – Bike on the Beach or in the Shade of Palm Trees and Spanish Moss Trees on the Paved Paths



4. The New River Trail, Virginia – This is a 57-mile trail that is an easy and wonderfully scenic ride. Kayaking is available at the center piece of the State Park, called Foster Falls. Stop at Shot Tower along the way.


3. The Monterey-Pacific Grove Bike Path in California. You can rent a kayak at Lover’s Point Beach and explore a small corner of the bay. 

2. Annecy, France – Make sure you are in Annecy on Market day. 


1. Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland



One thought on “Best Places to Go for a Family Bike Ride

  1. PopPop says:

    Enjoyed this! Wish I still have enough balance to ride a bike!!!!

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