The Gnome Improvement Project

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February 18, 2018 by Jay Helms

The Gnome Improvement Project

The Gnome Improvement Project is the Echo Community’s project to raise money in direct partnership with Water Is Life International to install Two Wells in a village in Ethiopia.

Phase 1 of the Project is “Gnoming.”
Phase 2 of the project will be a Family-Friendly Mini-Triathlon in August 2018, hosted in Breckenridge in Morrisville, NC.

As for the “Gnoming” – Donations for the Gnoming services listed below will go directly towards our  Two Wells in Ethiopia. Our goal is to complete the fundraising phase of the Gnome Improvement Project for Two Wells by Christmas of 2020.

Available Options (within a 40 mile radius of the RDU airport):

  1. Basic Gnoming ($50):  Echo Community will place a large number of gnomes in a friend’s yard of your choice for 1 night and 1 day. We will put up a sign explaining that the Gnoming is part of the Gnome Improvement Project.
  2. The Grande Gnome Package ($200):  In addition to the above option, the Echo Community team will capture aerial video and digital photos of the Gnoming process, add nighttime illumination, and an bonus rainbow surprise.

To Gnome your friends, please make your $50 or $200 donation via PayPal to: or click the link below and be sure to add special instructions with the donation to include your name and the address of your intended Gnome destination.  We will contact you to schedule your Gnoming.

For More Information See Our First Giving Page:


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